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Extreme Mustang Makeover
With approximately 100 days to tame wild to mild, trainers from across America continue to take the challenge of competing with an American Mustang at Extreme Mustang Makeover events across the United States. Trainers compete for cash and prizes while displaying the trainability of American Mustangs in hope of finding a suitable adopter.
The Mustang Heritage Foundation created the Extreme Mustang Makeover event in order to recognize and highlight the value of Mustangs through a national training competition. Extreme Mustang Makeover events give the public a unique opportunity to see the results of wild horses becoming trained mounts. The purpose of the Extreme Mustang Makeover is to showcase the beauty, versatility and trainability of the rugged horses that are housed at Bureau of Land Management facilities.
After being selected to compete at an Extreme Mustang Makeover event, a trainer picks up an American Mustang that has been virtually untouched by humans. With approximately 100 days to gentle, halter break and saddle train the Mustang before the competition, trainers must build trust and develop a relationship with the horse to ensure the best performance.

Horse and rider teams compete in preliminary classes that include evaluating the horse’s ability to maneuver through patterns and/or trail courses, highlighting the abilities of the Mustang. The Mustangs encounter obstacles similar to those expected during a rideon a nature trail.
After the preliminary classes are tallied, the highest placing horses are chosen to compete in the finals. Trainers have 4 minutes to present a freestyle performance to showcase their Mustangs’ abilities and talents. Audiences are amazed at the willingness of the Mustangs, who have only been worked with by a human for about 90 to 100 days. The Mustangs under the direction of their talented trainers often perform amazing feats such as being ridden without a bridle, standing steady as their rider stands atop the saddle, riding past noisy obstacles without flinching and other training accomplishments not seen in many horses after years of training.  
The American Mustang’s great intelligence and willingness to form a bond with human counterparts is displayed at every Extreme Mustang Makeover. Attend an event to see first-hand why the Extreme Mustang Makeover events are the most talked about competitions in the equine world!
At the conclusion of the Extreme Mustang Makeover, participating Mustangs are available for adoption by competitive bid. Through these events the foundation offers the public a special opportunity to adopt a true living legend!

For more information or to see the current schedule for Extreme Mustang Makeovers, visit the EMM web site.

For more information on adopting tamed Mustangs, visit our Adoption page.



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