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The Mustang Heritage Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) public, charitable, nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating successful adoptions for America’s excess mustangs and burros. Founded in 2001, its mission is to help promote the Bureau of Land Management’s National Wild Horse and Burro Program and increase the number of successful adoptions.

  • Supporting and advancing the repositioning of wild horses (hereafter referred to as mustangs) as a positive horse owning experience in conjunction with the BLM
  • Assisting in creating a more marketable product through improving selection and expanded and enhanced training programs for critical mustang age groups
  • Attracting potential adopters and assisting the BLM in turning prospects into adopters
  • Providing information and education about mustangs and burros, their care, nurturing and use as athletes and companion animals
  • Identifying and providing opportunities to become involved in the mustang and burro experience through adoption, volunteering, sponsorship and philanthropy
Mustang Heritage Foundation Humane Treatment Policy
Every Mustang and all animals shall, at all times, be treated humanely and with dignity, respect and compassion. Any participant using abusive or excessive training techniques or being inhumane to a Mustang in his/her care (determined excessive or abusive by a panel assigned by the Mustang Heritage Foundation and consisting of one or more licensed equine veterinarian(s) and/or respected horse industry professionals) may be removed from the contest and/or all future contests, training and adoption programs. If a participant’s horse enters the contest or if the trainer/participant at any time presents a horse with questionable training/care related injuries (determined excessive or abusive by a panel assigned by the Mustang Heritage Foundation and consisting of one or more licensed equine veterinarian(s) and/or respected horse industry professionals) the participant may be removed from the contest and/or all future contests and/or adoption and training programs.
The following list includes but is not limited to examples of unacceptable behavior, care and training techniques.
  • No horse appearing to be emaciated, drawn or injured may be exhibited.
  • Use of inhumane training techniques or methods such as striking horse with objects, excessive spurring and/or excessive jerking of reins.
  • Any inhumane treatment which results in wounds.
  • Any training methods which are based on pain or fear responses.
  • The use of any medication, drug, mechanical device or equipment, which is of such character as, could affect or enhance the Mustang’s performance or appearance.

Additionally, the Mustang Heritage Foundation promotes and encourages the following examples of sound, compassionate, and successful training techniques and mustang handling methods

  • Horse and trainer exhibiting solid relationship based on respect and understanding.
  • A calm and willing partnership between horse and trainer, regardless of the obstacle or environmental challenge during competition or training phases.
  • Trainer maintains a credible level of dignity for the horse during all phases of training, competition, and repositioning if applicable.
  • Trainers are expected to seek and employ methods of horsemanship in order to promote and encourage the positive relationship between horse and trainer.
  • Methods that promote fear or pain-based responses in the horse are prohibited.
  • Training techniques should demonstrate a strong bond between horse and trainer.

This policy is in addition to our event rules.

The Mustang Heritage Foundation board governs the organization and stewards its development. The board is responsible for financial and legal oversight of the organization. The board creates the vision, mission, values, programs, and policies for the organization and makes sure that they are properly respected.


Paula Carr - Chair
B.F. Yeates - Vice Chair
John Falen - Secretary
Robin Lohnes - Treasurer



Randall Carr
Janet Greenlee
Bob Moorhouse
Lesley Neuman
Judy Simmons

Providing a home for a wild horse or burro is a challenging and rewarding experience. For qualified individuals, this is a unique opportunity to care for, then own, a "Living Legend" -- a symbol of American history -- a wild horse or burro. Additional information will be provided to adopters of a wild horse or burro at the adoption site.

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