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Mustang Mentors - Joining Veterans with Wild Horses.

Finding Adoptive Homes for Mustangs while finding Healing for Themselves.



What is the Mustang Mentor program?

The Mustang Mentor Program supports Veterans through providing a wild horse training experience. With the help of the Mustang Heritage Foundation, veterans choose a Bureau of Land Management wild horse, untouched by humans, and transform the horse in approximately 100 days to a gentle, adoptable animal. The veteran experiences the transformation from “wild to mild” within the horse. The previously wild horses are then placed into adoptive homes.

Veterans learn marketable vocational skills and gain on the job training for a future occupation in the equine industry if they choose.

Mustang Mentor Program - Spring 2014

Five veterans began the spring training program, Feb. 3, 2014. Each participant is training and gentling a mustang gelding three days a week in preparation for an adoption to be held at the Mustang Heritage Foundation Adoption & Education Facility, April 26, 2014.


Christina Avey is a 100% service connected PTSD/MST disabled veteran. She grew up around horses and feel they have a calming effect on her. Her PTSD has taken a direct hit on her family that has caused pain and stress emotionally and mentally. Christina hopes to learn from the Mustang Mentor program and create a better life for the mustang, herself and others.

Liberty - 3-year-old gelding  

Larrison Manygoats was raised on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Coalmine Canyon, Arizona, and graduated from Tuba City High School. He made the decision to join the United States Marine Corps. Nine years later, Larrison was honorable discharged and spent six months as a civilian. After deciding civilian life wasn't for him, he went back to the military and joined the Army. After combat tours in Iraq, he was recently honorably discharged.

Teesh - 5-year-old gelding

Rebecca Ramage grew up in a small farming community outside of Spur, Texas. She always loved riding and spending time with horses and dogs, her two favorite animals. Rebecca had dreams of being a veterinarian and joined the military to pay for college. Before she knew it, she was stationed in Germany. She was then deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. Rebecca was deployed again in 2008-2009 to Afghanistan and in 2011 to Iraq. After being released from the Army, she plans to return to college and earn her degree.

Tornado - 4-year-old gelding 

Lori Russell is a 20-year veteran of the Armed Forces, retiring as a CW3 in the U.S. Army. She flew helicopters in the military as a private contractor in Iraq and as a civilian Medevac pilot in Texas. She currently volunteers with dog rescue organizations and lives in Kempner, Texas, with her five rescued Jindos.

Ringo - 3-year-old gelding    

Cynthia Vetters retired from the U.S. Navy after 20 years of fixing complicated computer systems. With all the hardships that came from serving, she really loved her job and the military. Cynthia's father also spent 20 years in the Navy, which made for a very interesting childhood. The time in and around the Navy made it difficult to adjust to civilian life after retirement. She found that being a part of Ride On Center for Kids in Georgetown, Texas, helped her with that transition. Cynthia hopes to learn more about horses and gain more confidence through the Mustang Mentors program.

Storm - 3-year-old gelding    

These geldings will be available for adoption Saturday, April 26, during the Meet A Mustang event held at the MHF facility in Granger, Texas. Call 512-869-3225 or email to learn more about this adoption opportunity!

What’s next?

Mustang Mentors is seeking veterans to participate in the summer training program. Candidates must be physically able to safely handle a horse. Prior horse experience is recommended, but not necessary. Those wishing to participate in Mustang Mentors who have no prior horse experience are encouraged to enroll in the R.O.C.K. Horses for Heroes program.

2014 Summer Training Program - June 9 - Sept. 17 Applications due May 9, 2014

Please contact Byron Hogan for more information, or 512-869-3225.

What can you do?

Veterans need opportunities that are active and challenging. They come from a life of active duty and activity is healing. Working with a wild horse is challenging while connecting with an animal in need. Your tax-deductible contribution will help Veterans in the following ways:


Sponsor 10 Veterans and their wild Mustangs for a full quarter (120 days).


Sponsor 5 wild Mustangs for a full quarter (120 days)


Sponsor one Veteran and one Mustang for a full quarter (120 days)


Provide a travel stipend for one Veteran to be reimbursed for travel expenses to and from training sessions.


Sponsor one Veteran and their family for Camp Wildfire, a wild horse learning experience

Mustang Mentors is 100% funded by private donations. Every dollar received goes directly to funding the pick-up, gentling, and training process for each veteran and Mustang.

Please contact for more information about supporting this program or adopting a gentled Mustang.

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