Opportunities abound for youth who want to become involved with American Mustangs. The Mustang Heritage Foundation offers hands-on experiences for youth and young adults to learn about mustangs and share their knowledge with others.



Extreme Mustang Makeover Youth Division

In 2017, the Mustang Heritage Foundation will offer the opportunity for youth ages 8-17 to compete in the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Worth, Texas. Youth have approximately 100 days to gentle and train a previously “untouched” mustang. Goals of training include halter breaking, trailer loading, picking up feet and leading through obstacles and maneuvers. At the end of the training period, youth and mustangs compete for cash and prizes. Mustangs and their families will adopt prior to the competition.

Youth & Mustang Challenge 

The Youth and Mustang Challenge is a segment of the Mustang Heritage Foundation’s Trainer Incentive Program (TIP). Youth & Mustang events are held regionally and are hosted and managed by approved TIP trainers. Youth involved in these events gentle and train a 12-24-month-old mustang to prepare for a competition to win prizes and awards.

Each year the Mustang Heritage Foundation offers a special competition for youth to train a mustang! In 2017, the youth trainers will adopt their mustang for competition at Extreme Mustang Makeover events across the United States. The youth trainers will have approximately 100 days to train their wild horses. The trainers with the top 10 highest combined scores will win prize money and awards.
Each Extreme Mustang Makeover, event with the exception of Texas, will be managed by a host in association with  MHF.  For information on applying to these events, visit the Extreme Mustang Makeover website. 
The Texas Extreme Mustang Makeover is hosted by MHF and will be held at the Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth on September 14-16, 2017.

In various regions across the United States Youth & Mustang Challenges are small competitions that are held for youth who are interested in training and competing with a 12-24-month-old mustang.  These competitions are managed and hosted by approved trainers in our Trainer Incentive Program.  Youth trainers in these programs pick up a mustang (aged 12-24 months old) approximately 90 days before the competition and may compete in the following areas – conditioning, in-hand trail class, showmanship, costume, freestyle, etc.  Youth and their families are required to adopt their mustang prior to the start of the competition, but they can reassign the adoption to another individual after the competition.


Click here to download the 2017 Youth and Mustang Challenge Event Schedule. Information will be updated as it becomes available.
Those interested in applying to the youth division of the Texas Extreme Mustang Makeover (EMM) can visit the Extreme Mustang Makeover website for more information.