With the help of the Mustang Heritage Foundation, military veterans choose a BLM mustang, untouched by humans, and transform the horse in approximately 8 weeks into a gentled, adoptable equine companion. The veteran experiences the transformation from “wild to mild” by working directly with the mustangs, while learning marketable vocational skills and gaining on-the-job training for a future occupation in the equine industry if they choose. The previously wild horses are available for adoption by the veteran participant or placed into private care.


The MHF Veterans Program is hands on and often challenging. Working with mustangs is an experience that connects the veterans with an animal in need.  This program has successfully helped veterans lead more productive lives both on the job and at home. The MHF Veterans Program is completely reliant on donations. You can be a part of a mustang or veterans life and give them the chance for change by donating today.



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Mustang Heritage Veterans Program

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Mustang Heritage Foundation is seeking veterans to participate. Prior horse experience is recommended, but not necessary.

If you are interested in participating in our 2018 program please email:



For more information please contact

Gayle Graham

or call 512-869-3225

Thank you to our program partner the Weisberg Family Foundation.



You can support us in several ways not only financially but also with your time and talents.  If interested in volunteering please fill out the following form and let us know how you can help.  Lets band together to fight for those that are fighting for us!

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For more information please contact:

Gayle Graham

or call 512-869-3225



Mustang Heritage Foundation’s Veterans & Mustangs Program 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you offer sessions? 

Typically, we hold one or two sessions per year. One is held in the spring and the other in the fall depending on available funding.

How many weeks is each session?

Each session lasts 8 weeks with 3 classes per week.  Veterans that are accepted into the program are expected to attend every class unless they have previously notified the program coordinator of necessary appointments scheduled prior to being accepted into the program.

What is the schedule during the 8-week session?

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am – 4pm.

Class Instruction, covering “equine knowledge”, is taught Monday – Wednesday’s from 9AM – Noon followed by working with your mustang and a professional TIP Trainer from 1PM – 4PM.  Veterans are not allowed to work with their mustangs on “off” days.

There are also equine related tours offered throughout the program.  Travel is provided by MHF and typically take place between the standard hours of 9-4pm.

Numerous knowledgeable keynote speakers from the horse industry are invited periodically to present during classroom instruction.

Are veterans required to have horse experience prior to the program?

It is not a requirement for veterans to have prior horse experience.  We are looking for participants that are willing to learn and be committed to the program.

How are veterans selected for the program?

We encourage you to apply as soon as possible.  We date each application as it is received.  Once we have a date for the next session, we contact each applicant and find out their availability for the session.  At this time, we are selecting 5 or more applicants per session.

Are participants required to attend any other program prior to the Veterans & Mustangs Program?

There is not a requirement to attend any other program prior to our program.

Does Mustang Heritage Foundation provide housing and meals during the program?  

MHF does not provide lodging or meals.  MHF does provide a refrigerator, microwave and hotplate in the veteran’s kitchen area.  Several veterans have found sponsors in their community to offset lodging expenses.  Veterans may eat off-site, but are expected to return promptly at 1PM.

How do we get our mustang for the program?  

Mustangs are typically picked-up on the first day of the session.  We will travel to a Bureau of Land Management Off-Range corral located in Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma.  Upon arrival there will be mustangs gathered and available for the veterans to select from.  The Veterans Program Coordinator and TIP Trainer will be on site to help guide you in your selection.

Do I have to adopt my mustang?

You are not required to adopt your mustang.  Should you decide that you would like to adopt your mustang, you may do so through the TIP trainer and the BLM adoption application process. (please see facility guidelines).

Do I have to pay for my mustang?

Should you decide to adopt your mustang, Mustang Heritage Foundation will pay the $125 adoption fee.

Am I responsible for feeding my mustang while it is in the program?

Mustang Heritage Foundation provides all feed and stabling for the mustangs during the 8-week session.   You are required to feed, water and clean your mustangs stall each day of class.

Am I required to go through any counseling or therapy sessions?

The MHF Veterans program is experiential only. There are no clinical therapy or counseling services offered or required before, during or after the program.

May my family or friends come with me and watch me during the program?

At the end of each session we host an Open House where family, friends, local newspapers, past veterans and program supports are invited to come out and celebrate the most recent group of veterans. During this event the veterans are recognized and honored for completing the Veterans and Mustangs program. This would be the appropriate time to invite your family and friends.



Catherine Spencer & Marcus Farny LIFETIME MEMBER

Stephanie Kerianvaughn LIFETIME MEMBER


Rebecca Swindler PARTNER MEMBER




Marsha Hartford-Sapp LIFETIME MEMBER

Ginny Srednicki PARTNER MEMBER